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XPS Network is the essential coaching platform focusing on the key elements of Planning, Analysis and Communication

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The professional solution

Sports Coaches

Plan and analyze the performance of your team or athletes and easily share every detail with your players.

Strength & conditioning

Build your own exercise collection and personalized programs and give valuable feedback to your athletes.

Sports organizations

Bring everybody together. Used in coaches education, national team work and youth development.

Personal Trainers

Keep track of clients and communicate with them more effectively. Retain more customers and grow your business.

The world's most powerful workout and practice planning tool

Quickly plan your workouts and practices using the customizable Exercise & Drill Collections. Share planning & analysis with your athletes or clients on the web and mobile apps.
XPS Network is the most comprehensive practice plan and playbook organizer I have ever seen. It is ideal at any level.
MaChelle Joseph, Head Coach, Georgia Tech

Who’s coaching when you’re not there?

Communication & Feedback - Share videos, workout programs, tactics, playbook, scouting reports, testing results and planning with your players, clients or coaching staff. Give instructions impossible to misunderstand.
XPS Network - Young coaches should make it a priority. Veteran coaches will add a new dimension.
Jerry Krause, Gonzaga University, Nationally Renowned Teacher of Basketball

Instant access to statistics and analysis

Have the training and performance history of all the teams and athletes you have ever worked with ready to be analyzed and studied in a matter of seconds.

My experience in working with XPS Network has been great. I use it every day of the season.
Alfred Gislason, Head Coach, THW Kiel

Keep all your work in one place

With your coaching staff, build up and organize the drill, exercise and document collection for the organization.
XPS Network is the most powerful coaching tool I have discovered.
Todd Bramble, Head Coach, Alabama Crimson Tide

Draw and manage your plays and diagrams like never before

The play diagramming features for team coaches and clubs are outstanding. Draw and share plays with your players and coaching staff. It´s easy to learn and you can draw and animate plays really fast.
You don't go to Basketball Heaven without using XPS Network.
John Welch, Assistant Coach, NBA Los Angeles Clippers

User-friendly and effective video editing

Sideline Video Analyzer is an advanced, but user-friendly video-editing tool used by teams at all levels. The Sideline Video Analyzer is an optional module of the XPS Network platform

XPS Network is my favorite video analysis software.
Peter Bonde, Assistant Coach, Danish National Team, Soccer

Available anywhere, anytime

XPS Network is available on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and the Web