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XPS Network is a powerful software platform that focuses on the key coaching elements of Planning, Analysis and Communication

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For coaches in all sports at all levels

Save time, keep all your work in one place

Build up and organize your exercise and document collections. Have all of your material available at your fingertips when you need it.

Powerful workout and practice planning

Quickly plan your workouts and practices using the customizable Exercise & Drill Collections. Share planning & analysis with your athletes or clients on the web and mobile apps.

Instant access to statistics and analysis

Have the training and performance history of all the teams and athletes you have ever worked with ready to be analyzed and studied in a matter of seconds.

Keep everybody on the same page

Easily send out and share information with players and your coaching staff. XPS Network can be used by a single coach, the coaching staff of a team, or up to many thousands of networked coaches and athletes.

Practice Planning

Plan your practices in seconds.
Print or open practice plans in your mobile/tablet.
Get instant feedback on how you spend training time.
Connect your whole coaching staff and get everybody on the same page.

Drills, Exercises and Documents Organization

Build and organize your drills, exercises and documents based on your coaching philosophy
Illustrate your drills with instructions, video clips, diagrams and animations.
Always have access to your exercises and documents through web/mobile/tablet.
Share your exercises and documents with other coaches and athletes.

Test Results and Analysis

Keep all players test results in one place.
Clear presentation of results and development.
Let the players see their own development.
Import test results from Excel.

“There’s no other software that provides as many high-quality coaching modules in one place”

Play Diagramming

Draw and share plays with your players and coaching staff
It´s easy to learn and you can draw and animate plays really fast.
Export your plays or connect them to your drills.
Works for all sports.

Communication & Feedback

Share all preparations for match and training to the athletes apps.
Communicate with your athletes, in groups or individually.
Include videos, images, animations and text in a clear manner.

Workouts and Individualized Programming

Create workout programs and generate to one or more athletes.
View statistics on individual development.
Athletes can fill in their training diaries via their smartphones.
Exercise Collection includes thousands of exercises.

Video Editing with Sideline Video Analyzer

Easy to tag and you’ll quickly find the situations you’re looking for in your saved clips.
Share videos directly from the analyzer to the players’ mobile phones and tablets.
Use the drawing tool to highlight details for your players.
Immerse yourself in statistics.


Let your athletes register nutritional diary with their smartphones.
Your athletes get a clear overview of their daily energy expenditure.
Combine with training diary.

Available anywhere, anytime

XPS Network is available on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and the Web