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XPS Network is a powerful software platform that helps personal trainers retain more customers and grow their businesses.

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Build your client base into the hundreds and beyond

Get more customers

Help your clients become more independent, then use the XPS Network to train them remotely and increase your customer base.

Save time

Build up and organize your exercise and document collections. Have all of your material available at your fingertips when you need it.

Powerful planning

Quickly plan your workouts with your customizable Exercise Collection. Share the plans with your clients on the web or mobile apps.

Professional feedback

Motivate your clients with reports and graphs showing their progress communicated through our professional looking apps for iOS and Android.

Workout Programs and Individualized Programming

Create workout programs quickly and easily.
Your clients can access their plans on their smartphones or tablets.
Video exercise library with thousands of exercises included.
Easy to add your own exercises or import existing material.

Feedback & Communication

Layout clear and concise programs for your clients & and create high levels of accountability.
Communicate with your clients, in groups or individually.
Personal and systematized feedback with videos, images and text.

Statistics on Individual Progression

Clear presentation of your clients results and development.
Let your clients see their own development.

"It’s all about getting your clients results"

Exercises and Documents Organization

Build up and organize your exercises and documents based on your training philosophy.
Easy to create exercises and import existing material.
Access your libraries through desktop/web/mobile/tablets.


Let your clients register a nutritional diary with their smartphones.
Your clients get a clear overview of their daily energy expenditure.
Combine with training diary.

Available anywhere, anytime

XPS Network is available on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and the Web